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Olivia. 21. Pacific Northwest.
Lost, Star Trek, Parks and Rec, Joe Biden


I should write you more letters. I just wanted to let you know how much I love you. How much I love you on the best days and the worst days. On the long drives and the weekends that are too short. On the nights we stay up until 3 am doing homework and the lazy Sundays. I love you every time you push my limits, convince me to try something that I never thought I would. I love you every time you pull me in close because you know it will make me feel better. Maybe I say the words, “I love you” too much but it never seems like enough to make sure you know the every second of every day is better because of you.


Narwhals, narwhals, swimming in the ocean…


c. 1920 Suffrage FlyerMissouri Historical Society Collections


c. 1920 
Suffrage Flyer
Missouri Historical Society Collections